The Golden State Warriors revel in their 4th title amid a raucous parade


SAN FRANCISCO — It’s been two years since the Bay Area held a championship parade, but neither the city nor the Warriors have forgotten how to seize the moment.

Stephen Curry jumped down a ramp at one stop in Muni Station and started hitting the sign that was next to him.

“MVP!” chants echoed everywhere, as blue and gold confetti rained down from the sky.

Ayesha Curry pointed to a sign that read “Ayesha can cook”, before popping a bottle of champagne and spraying it on her husband. It inspired Curry and Damion Lee. So they cleared a space in the crowd and popped their own bottle, hosing down fans who got in their way.

“We represent you guys. The life you give us, the inspiration, all those things matter. That’s what it’s all about,” Curry told the small crowd of employees of the team and the arena during the preparatory parade. “To entertain you guys, to give you something to cheer for, to be passionate. It gives us the platform to do things that have never been done before in history and represent the entire Bay Area in the process. . We’re back, having a parade in San Francisco, so let’s go.”

The Warriors were paired up on double-decker buses, but it didn’t take long for them to abandon their bus and immerse themselves in the thousands of fans who had been waiting for them since before sunrise.

Klay Thompson placed the Larry O’Brien trophy on the ground, stepped back and did a Michael Jackson-inspired dance behind it. He then picked up the trophy and ran, high-fived and danced with all the fans running alongside him.

A few buses behind, Jordan Poole grabbed a super water gun and pool float as he jumped off his bus. He ran along the fences that lined Market St. in downtown San Francisco, spraying anyone he could. He grabbed his friend’s camera and started shooting videos and photos so he could document himself doing it.

“Pool parties all summer long,” he shouted.

His bus mate, Andrew Wiggins, grabbed a fan’s bottle of champagne and, after giving it a good shake, sprayed it in everyone’s face.

In front, Gary Payton II walked the course for 90% of the parade. Before the parade, he said he was going to “stock up on JR Smith,” during the parade, referencing the Cleveland Cavalier parade in 2016 when Smith was shirtless for the entire Cavs celebration.

Payton was a man of his word, dropping his shirt early in the day.

“What brings me the most joy…is seeing the guys who won it the first time around,” Draymond Green said. “In your journey, you always want to find that first feeling again. The reality is that you never find it again, and the only way to find it again is to feel it through Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole, Otto Porter, Beli, Moses, GP… you feel it through these guys and that’s how you get that feeling back.”

Green didn’t seem to have any trouble recapturing that feeling. After closing his rally speech by saying, “Thank you all, and it’s still f— everyone,” Green stood in the middle of the street and held up two middle fingers to the crowd. They responded by shouting “F—, Draymond,” a nod to how lucky Boston Celtics fans were to yell at Green and what the Warriors copied during their locker room celebration after he won the title.

Green ran around the fans who stood up, even allowing one to throw a bottle of champagne over his head. He took a short break to grab some ice cream from Garidelli before heading back to his bus.

It was obvious that after two years away from first place in the league and two years without a parade, the Warriors wanted to enjoy the moment as long as possible. So do Golden State fans.

People were sitting in the trees, on top of lampposts and hanging from the windows of skyscrapers in San Francisco.

Despite the barriers along the parade route, people jumped over them to get as close to their favorite players as possible. As the buses approached the end of the route, crowd containment seemed like an alien concept, as fans poured into the streets as the last bus passed.

But no one seemed to care.

“It’s been an amazing year,” Green said. “I told you all not to let us win a fucking championship, and clearly no one could stop it.”