Two black and orange flags in five “strange” races


In the roundup: Kevin Magnussen was puzzled to see the black and orange flag for the second time in five races at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

In short

Magnussen frustrated with another forced pit stop

Magnussen has “no idea” why the stewards felt the need to show him the black and orange flag during the Hungarian Grand Prix.


The flag is waved to summon drivers to the pits if their car is deemed to be in an unsafe condition, often due to loose bodywork. The Haas rider showed it for the second time this year in Hungary, having also been called to the pits at the Canadian Grand Prix due to front wing damage. Magnussen suffered similar damage in Hungary in contact with Daniel Ricciardo on the opening lap.

“At that point I hadn’t seen it,” Magnussen said. “I didn’t feel anything. I felt that I had hit one of the McLarens, but not so hard and I was surprised again. So I hope there was a lot of damage [to justify the flag].”

Magnussen added that he had never seen the flag before in his Formula 1 career, which dates back to 2014. “For me it’s a bit strange, but what can I do?” he added.

Formula 1’s revised 2022 technical regulations have reduced the number of aerodynamic parts, making the front wing endplate an extension of the mainplane. This was done in part to alleviate the problem of riders sustaining damage that could jeopardize their races.

Krack expects ‘105%’ from Vettel until the end of the season

Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack does not believe Sebastian Vettel’s decision to retire at the end of the 2022 season will diminish his focus on the track until then.

Krack agreed Vettel appeared in a more relaxed mood after announcing his retirement to Hungary. “But that doesn’t mean he’s less ambitious,” he said. “Not in the slightest degree.

“For us and this weekend we had this [announcement] Thursday, but from Friday it was really business as usual.

“I really think he will be 100% or maybe even 105% until the last lap,” he added.

McLaren chooses plumber for Aston Martin F1 base

McLaren Construction, a construction company unrelated to the F1 team of the same name, has awarded E7 Building Services the contract to install the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems for Aston Martin’s new F1 headquarters at Silverstone.

E7 will also install the systems that enable site-wide control of mechanical and electrical systems once the operational base and energy management infrastructure.

Construction at the Silverstone site began last September, with several facilities built around the team’s current factory. E7 expects its work to be complete by May 2023, although the main building had originally planned a competition date of late 2022, and Aston Martin is aiming to have its first wind tunnel, also under construction, operational by next summer.

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Glue and Leah Kernahan!

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