What drivers said in New Hampshire


Here’s what the drivers had to say after Sunday’s Cup Series race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, New Hampshire:

Christophe Bell — Winner: “Man, that one was really needed there. I’ll tell you, it was a hell of a race from my point of view. It was so much fun racing with the 45 (Kurt Busch), 22 (Joey Logano) and 9 (Elliott). We all used different lines. It was awesome. So happy to be here at Joe Gibbs Racing and so good to get this 20 car back on the winning track. Winning Cup races is tough. It just seems like we’ve been close despite falling a little bit last week. I was talking to my best friend and I said, “Earlier in the year, I felt like we were about to win. Then the last two weeks, I felt like we were pretty far away. But here we are today.


Chase Elliott – Finished 2nd: “I just need to do a better job again. The same conversation as Road America, unfortunately. I feel like it was a bad run of execution on my part throughout that last race. I feel like it took me a while to pass Joey (Logano) and #45 (Kurt Busch), and I had to run a little harder than I wanted to. I got ahead of these guys, just made a few mistakes and didn’t have much wiggle room. … Obviously for us we were in a position where guys at that level should really close a run if you have a lead like that, so just a bad effort on my part. When you’re in position like we were, you have to finish them off.

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Bubba Wallace – Finished 3rd: “I’m just proud of the team, proud of myself, proud of everyone at the store. … He wasn’t handling very well but he had speed, so we knew that. Just the mental preparation, you had to prepare for a long day, and we did that. We had no idea what we were running there at the end. I knew it was in the top five. But just the tire management at the end, and we were able to capitalize. Just proud of everyone. Happy. It’s been hell for me the last month, so good to come out with a top five. This sport humbles you, so there are really no surprises. You have to keep the task at hand and be aware of your surroundings and just do your job. As long as you do that, you never know if you’re going to end up with a top three or a 20th or whatever. You just stay true to your path.

Martin Truex Jr. — Finished 4th: “You just have to put on two tires and end up in a bad position on the restart. I got put on three, and 22 (Joey Logano) didn’t start and I was on the inside behind him. I tried to push him to get him forward and get us forward and (Kevin) Harvick made it three wide and put us in a bad position. And my car was terrible on two tires and couldn’t go anywhere. I should have just put four tires on I guess. We had the car to do it. We just screwed it all up. It’s frustrating and disappointing, but kudos to 20 (Christopher Bell). Obviously they were smarter than us in the end.

Kevin Harvick — Finished 5th: “We put two tires on it, which we all thought was the right thing to do, and it just wouldn’t work. We were sliding around the race track, and it took seven or eight laps to get the car in place. under you, then about 20 laps to get the rhythm back. Then at the end, everyone was out of tyres. … We passed a lot of cars that were worse than us. It just depended on your handling issues.

Brad Keselowski — Finished 7th: “Hot in the cars and we all let our tempers get the better of us (in contact with Austin Dillon). We had a good day here. The Kohler Generators Ford Mustang climbed really far in this last race. I think that we went from our late teens and twenties to seventh in this last run. I’m proud of our team for the effort today. It was definitely a day of ups and downs. down today and it was nice to end on a high note. Austin said he didn’t like the way you ran him. Is the feeling mutual? “I’m going to talk to him privately. don’t need to be a fool for the media.

Ross Chastain – Finished 8th: “It was a chore today. We just hovered between seventh and 20th. We just never got the balance of the car. We were tight all day; really tight on restarts. C It was really hard to gain ground. Two to four tire strategies, I was usually too tight to fight those guys.

Daniel Suarez – Finished 9th: ” It was a good day. Again, we maximized what we had. I felt like our long-range speed was probably one of the best out there; but on short trips, this was not the case. We were making adjustments and trying to help small print runs. We just have to keep working.

Austin Cindric – 13th finished: “Definitely a double from behind on the day on the 2 car. I had my guts out today. I’m proud of the adjustments we made overnight after such a poor qualifying effort. Probably had a car among top five long term and should have finished in the top 10. We just ran out of time there. I had fun working the routes and trying to improve. I’m proud of the team. We We will keep moving forward.”

Chase Briscoe – Finished 15th: “TIn the first moto we were really good and able to get into the top 15. Then from there we struggled and the track was changing so much. I probably didn’t do the best job guiding them where we needed to go. Then we had this spin and tried to play the strategy to get there and we took caution the wrong way. I feel like if we had the long run and ran fourth or fifth instead of catching the warning, we probably would have been fine. It just didn’t work. I feel like we had a better car than 15th, but with everything we fought I guess it was fine.

Ryan Blaney – 18th finished: “It was a tough day for our Menards/Libman Ford. We struggled with the balance and spun halfway through the race. It was definitely not the result we wanted. , but we’ll turn to Pocono next week.

Erik Jones – Finished 19th: “We were just a little behind today. We plowed early, made adjustments throughout the race to try and improve our Focus Factor Chevy, and then we were too loose in the end. We are still learning with these cars. It’s hard to predict how he will react sometimes, and we just have to keep building our notebooks and building each week. We will continue to learn and refocus for next week in Pocono.

Joey Logano — Finished 24th: “Live by the sword, die by the sword. We did that in the second leg to get track position and it worked. Then we did it again to get track position and the race went lasted a long time and it didn’t work out I thought we were pretty decent once we got up there and had a chance to take the lead from Kurt (Busch) but then the 9 (Chase Elliott) got missed the one mile mark and knocked out our toe or camber or something in the left rear suspension I don’t know why he had to do that but I’m sure it wasn’t a good move on his part . So that’s it.”

Aric Almirola — Finished 31st: “We were having a good day and slowly getting our Smithfield Ford up faster. During a pit stop on stage two I lost second gear on pit road and couldn’t get into gear. fourth gear. All I had was third, so the guys worked hard to get us back there and ride. We were able to get it back into fifth (gear), so we rode about 20 laps later. “It’s unfortunate. We know we had speed here and we really needed a good day to keep us in a good spot. We know we’ll need a win to make the playoffs. We’ve got six more opportunities for this to happen.

Corey LaJoie — Finished 32nd: “He just got stuck between fourth and third gear on the downshift there. It happened to me earlier in the day when I wasn’t with anyone. I just thought I wasn’t pushing him hard enough or whatever. We ran hard on the restart there as No. 21 (Harrison Burton). I tried to push it all the way to third and it just snagged between fourth and third, and it just locked up both rear tires so they wouldn’t spin. I hate other guys getting involved. We’ll have to take a look at it and make sure it doesn’t happen again. It was a weird thing, the first thing we had all year with the transaxle. It was a difficult time. I feel bad for my #7 Spire Motorsports team. We were trying to pull off another good week building on last weekend’s momentum. It wasn’t supposed to be, but we’ll have them next week.

Alex Bowman – Finished 35th: “We qualified poorly. Unfortunately, they were just running hard. It looked like No. 42 (Ty Dillon) and No. 31 (Justin Haley) got together. Number 42 has just over-corrected and shoved us into the fence. Shame. I hate that for everyone at Ally and Hendrick Motorsports. We’ll move on to the next one. »