What NASCAR Drivers Said After Nashville Superspeedway


Here’s what the drivers had to say after Sunday’s Cup Series race at Nashville Superspeedway in Lebanon, Tennessee:

Chase Elliott—Winner: “I’m so proud of our team because we kind of had a setback (with a pit stop) about halfway through, and we were able to recall our NAPA Chevy and get back into the mix. It was a long day, fun day. So proud of our team. We’ve had a pretty tough month and a half, so it’s good to get back in the right direction. Getting a win is always huge, but to do it in a really cool city like Nashville, it’s even better. I look forward to this guitar.


Kurt Busch – finished 2nd“I became gentle with him. I should have thrown up some wings and moved some momentum. I didn’t stay true to our strength. We didn’t have a lot of strength tonight. We just executed very well. Restarts were average and long-term speed was good. I just needed to stay with our strength and I messed up. I want to thank all my guys from 23XI. We have a great group of guys and girls. The way we run, wait a second, that’s cool, but we’re here to win with the playoff situation. This Camry and all Camry TRDs were awesome. I just hate it when we don’t get into victory lane and I was right there. I wanted to throw some wings, but didn’t get the job done. Everyone will smile, but I let them down. I should have come up with a better plan.

ryan blaneyFinished 3rd“I’m not sure, as the race progressed later in the night I thought we had lost ground between some of the other cars. I thought hot and slippery during the day, we were pretty competitive, then something happened and I didn’t think we were that good. I had to go to the back, then I spun trying too hard. Jonathan made a good call to stay clear of the final stop. Why not, run ninth and was able to run third, so that was a good call from him. All in all, I would have liked it to be in the hot and slick of the day because I thought we were a bit more competitive, but not a bad finish.

Kyle LarsonFinished 4th“It was definitely better after the sun went down. I don’t know what changes they made to it, so proud of my guys for working hard and persevering. There wasn’t a lot going for us there as we got caught a lap behind and had to catch the wave and drop from our twenties to 10th before the final warning. We stayed away and scored a top five. So proud of my #5 team and proud of Chase Elliott too. It’s great for Hendrick Motorsports and everyone there. Everyone worked hard and tried to figure out how to go faster and they were definitely the best of the four of us all weekend. Cool to see he closed it.

Ross Chastain – Finished 5th: “An incredible evening for the #1 Chevrolet Camaro Jockey. Trackhouse Racing brought in two incredibly fast cars, and it was the right decision to pit, but we just didn’t know 10 people were going to stay out. If a few less stay out, we have a chance. We drove through the traffic the best of all of us who stopped, so proud of it and proud of the effort. Amazing job on pit road tonight by our pit crew picking up spots at every stop all night. We just needed a little more to race with those top four, but we were definitely a top five car. In the Cup Series, that’s all I can ask for.

Austin Cindric – Finished 7th“I’ll take it, I guess. It was a long way to get there for sure. Obviously getting the lucky dog ​​halfway through stage three and getting our Ford Mustang into the top five. I was passed by a few guys on tires at the end, but obviously I had speed in the car. We just needed the track position. Jeremy made a great call to run long and we probably got 10 spots on that and probably about another six or eight on the restart there and were able to have a representative day.

Joey Logano – Finished 9th“It’s an ugly top 10, but it was still a top 10. It was a battle. I had false hope qualifying second, thinking maybe we were better than we were, but as soon as the race started we realized we weren’t. We just kind of fought it all.

Erik Jones – Finished 11th“We certainly had our ups and downs today, but it’s good to bounce back and get an 11th place finish. We fought the way our Chevy behaved early in the race and I felt that we were making the right adjustments to have a good day before the rain delayed. Once we started again, after 10-15 laps, the handling was gone and it was just hard to ride. We will continue to learn and work to improve. Overall a good finish that we will take with us next week at Road America.

Austin Dillon – Finished 14th: We had a deficit early today at the Nashville Superspeedway but this team pulled through. We were too loose to start the race, and it got us behind early. We lost a lap but we won our lap. From there, team leader Justin Alexander made some great strategic moves to gain position on the track. Unfortunately, by the time we got track position, our Chevy was too tight in the same spots on the track that we were too loose earlier in the race. On a restart with four laps to go, we knew there would be a high probability of crashing. I just hugged the bottom of the track and dug in. We ran from 18 to 14. We were still too close at the end for anything else to happen. It’s not what we wanted, but we dug hard.

Alex Bowman – Finished 36th: “It’s frustrating not being able to finish the Ally 400. (Crew chief) Greg (Ives) and everyone in the #48 team works so hard on these race cars and it’s a shame that I couldn’t go and compete for a win we were just in the wrong place at the wrong time today Greg threw the kitchen sink at the car then we did two laps before we wrecked he was so hard not to be able to see if we would have found something at this stop.