Why do people eat Rice Krispies before a workout?


Rice Krispies make a convenient pre-workout snack due to their simple carbohydrate content. Carbohydrates are the body’s primary energy source, so eating a high-carb snack before a training session can boost energy and performance.


Rice Krispies has recently gained popularity as a pre-workout snack on social media platforms like TikTok. Users claim that the treatments improve their workouts and give them more power during training sessions.

Crispy rice treats are high in sugar and simple carbohydrates while remaining relatively low in fat and protein. Therefore, they give the body easily accessible energy without slowing down the digestion process. This means that a person can eat a portion shortly before a workout and not worry about getting an upset stomach or cramps.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of treating Rice Krispies as a pre-workout snack, their nutritional profile, and which workouts are best for them.

There are several reasons why Rice Krispies make a great pre-workout snack. First, they consist primarily of simple carbohydrates, which means they provide quick energy that is easily accessible to the muscles. Delicious foods are “quick carbohydrates that taste good and are easy to consume,” says Hilary Ake, a sports nutritionist.

It can also be very convenient. Anyone can buy relatively inexpensive Rice Krispies at most grocery stores and make them at home in a short amount of time. It’s shelf-stable and doesn’t require refrigeration, so individuals can pre-pack it without worrying about it going out.

Ake also notes that they’re a particularly convenient option because people don’t need to touch the food directly. “It’s easy to take without getting your hands on it,” she says. “For an athlete who has been handling hands with their hands in the dirt, having that layer of protection from the wrap can be beneficial.”

People can also eat Rice Krispies meals quickly because they are easy to chew and calorie dense. “A lot of athletes can eat them in two or three bites, so they’re really quick to eat them during the rest period and they might be faster than a banana,” says Ackie.

The following table includes nutrition information for one 22-gram bar. It’s important to note that this information is for a store-bought Rice Krispie treat bar—since many people make their own bars at home, the actual nutrition information for each bar may vary slightly.

Crispy rice candy is a convenient source of simple carbohydrates. Aki explains the benefits of the two types of carbohydrates: simple and complex. “There are fast and long-lasting carbohydrates — fast carbohydrates are simple sugars that are digested easily and quickly, so we can start using them for energy right away.”

Conversely, complex — or long-lasting — carbohydrates “keep us full for longer because they are slower to digest.” Examples of complex carbohydrates include quinoa, beans, oatmeal and whole grain bread.

Although complex carbohydrates are a convenient choice at mealtimes, simple carbohydrates may be more appropriate before an intense workout because they are fast-acting, easily accessible fuel for muscles. Search Over the past century, I have emphasized that carbohydrates are essential to physical performance during exercise.

Depending on the type and duration of exercise, people should consume some form of carbohydrate before, after, and sometimes during their session. This is especially important for maintaining a high level of performance in endurance sports such as running and cycling.

Because Rice Krispies treats are primarily made up of simple carbohydrates, they are easy to digest. This makes them a suitable pre- or mid-workout snack option.

“When you snack during a break, you want fast-digesting carbs so you can get rid of your body’s glycogen stores for energy during the break without causing gastrointestinal (GI) distress,” says Aki.

A combination of carbohydrates, fats and protein slows digestion. This is usually beneficial because it improves satiety – the feeling of fullness and prevents a spike in blood sugar, which means a person will feel fuller for longer.

However, people usually need snacks that are quickly and easily digested before a workout. This may be particularly important for high-intensity activities, such as running, which can easily cause stomach pain or gastrointestinal distress if a person ingests an inappropriate food product beforehand.

Rice Krispies can be a convenient pre-workout snack for moderate to high intensity activities require a lot of energy. Examples of such pursuits include an hour jog, kickboxing class, or a soccer game. According to Ake, they’re “best suited for a longer workout where you need fuel before or during.”

However, this does not mean that they are the right choice for everyone. Low-intensity activities, such as walking, yoga, and Pilates, don’t require as much easily accessible glycogen, so you won’t require a high-carb pre-workout snack.

Aki asserts that she believes they are not the right choice for everyone. For most people who do low-intensity exercise, the energy they get from regular meals should be sufficient. “If you still want a pre-workout snack, look for whole food options like a banana, applesauce, or a piece of toast,” says Aki.

Rice Krispies has recently gained popularity on social media for use as a pre-workout snack. Since they are mainly composed of simple carbohydrates, they are a suitable option for people who perform moderate to high intensity training.

Foods are low in fat and protein but high in carbohydrates, which means they are easy to digest and less likely to cause gastrointestinal distress. They can provide the muscles of the body with the easily accessible carbohydrates they need to perform at a high level.

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