Wimbledon 2022: Is the Grand Slam event losing its relevance?


As it is written… Wednesday is mailbag day…


Some thoughts on Serena Williams and her contributions to tennis/sports/culture.



That’s a completely impressionistic answer, but as someone now of a certain age, I don’t recall such little media coverage of men’s Wimbledon perhaps since 1973 and the ATP player boycott ( when Kodes finally beat Metreveli, who was originally from the USSR but possibly Georgian, if I recall), and then like now the focus was mostly on who wasn’t there.

I’m not sure, as PT Barnum was, that bad publicity is better than none, and so I wouldn’t necessarily trade with golf coverage this week, but honestly, interest has to be considered media coverage for tennis – at least in the US – has dropped, despite improved attendance during and after Covid-19.

All the best, and good luck with the cover!
—Leif Wellington Haase

• Good traction on Metrevelli. And good observation. You can add data to your impressionist response. Thanks to the Tennis Podcast, I know Monday’s attendance at Wimbledon was the smallest opening crowd in 15 years. Networks that typically send out gushing press releases about television ratings have gone silent. Personally, I can tell you that in 20 years I have never had fewer requests for pre-tournament interviews or, for that matter, Wimbledon Mailbag questions.