World Cup Shirts – Ranking Shirts for World Cup 2022


With the 2022 World Cup fast approaching, many World Cup kits are starting to come out and there are some intriguing looks.

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From Mexico’s snazzy away number to Germany looking for a solid new look for their home kit and Puma rolling out a very specific, similar look for their national teams, just like they’ve done for their club teams on their away kits, there’s plenty to unpack here.

When November rolls around and the World Cup kicks off, which of these shirts will you wear with pride? And which one are you going to wear because it looks really cool?

Below is our ranking of the World Cup kits that have been released.

Ranking the 2022 World Cup kits

1. Mexico

It’s a nice outdoor kit that will become a classic. Expect these beauties to fly off the shelves and be a jersey neutrals love as much as El Tri fans. The home kit is also very decent.

2. Japan

Well, that’s another classic. The Japan home kit is inspired by anime and the design is bold and recognizable. The away kit is also fantastic, especially the long-sleeved version.

3. Argentina

The home kit is classic. You can’t really mess up the blue and white stripes. Again, another nice away kit. The purple is perfect and it looks smooth and silky. Kind of like Lionel Messi’s footwork.

4. Senegal

This is the best of the Puma jerseys, as the Senegal away shirt is very distinctive and the green is stunning. That big panel in the middle of the kit is something we’ll get used to seeing a lot during the World Cup.

5. Ghana

Again another Puma away kit, but this Ghana jersey has a lot of personality.

6. Germany

Its good. Expect a bit better from Die Mannschaft and it looks like they should have an all white shirt for their home kit.

8. Morocco

A little plain, but like the collar and sleeve cuffs and the circular pattern around the middle, it’s very cool.

9. Spain

Hey, it could have been so much better. Spain’s home kit looks bland and the away kit is just too much with this model.


Again another Puma away kit that looks great. Uruguay’s signature sky blue could have been put to much better use on this away kit.

11. Serbia

Nice gold in the design and makes the white kit pop a bit.

12. Switzerland

Just very bland. Not much going on and the panel in the middle is just a bit of an eyesore.